Thursday, March 14, 2013

What a puke-tastic day

Holy moly., has it been that long since I have written?  So my excuse is simple, it's March Break, the time changed, my basement has flooded (some dribbles, but still a headache), my husband was sick and then Grace got sick - like pukey sick.  So updating my blog wasn't high on the list unlike doing laundry.
But it's now Thursday and everything is back on track - basement dry, husband and Grace better and laundry is completed, until the end of the week that is.
So speaking of Grace throwing up- that was completely out of the blue.  The whole story is my husband had gone away for a few days but came home early since he had gotten sick so in the midst of dealing with my weeping basement, I also had to wash sleeping bags, sheets, etc.  Then I figured, as the day was winding down, well that was a bit of a hectic day but it's over.  But it was hardly over.  I had just finished brushing Grace's teeth and was getting her ready for bed when she said that her tummy felt weird.
"Weird how?" I asked
"I don't know," said Grace.
Puke was the day's conversation so I asked, "do you think you have to puke?"
"I don't know," was Grace's replied.
and then she puked in the hall outside her bedroom on the way to the bathroom.  Then she continued to get sick not in the toilet, but in the sink. Yup the sink which is right beside the toilet.  I can't blame her though because when I was pregnant with both my girls, I suffered through some nasty all day sickness(does anyone really get morning sickness, if so i hate you!)
Once Grace was cleaned up, she headed off to bed a bit shaken.  I have forgotten how scary throwing up can be.  I remember when I was sick as a kid and how i would be balling.  i should mention that this latest vomiting episode was maybe the third time she has gotten sick in her life, so of course she would be a bit more scared.  I tried to console her and thought she had gotten sick because I had brushed her tongue, Grace thought it was because I had brushed her puke tooth, but I thought it was a one time thing.
I was called into her room several times through out the evening, mostly to assure Grace that she was ok, or to remind her that at one point everyone pukes, to assure her that everything in her room is washable (to which she asked what if i ran out of soap or water).  At one point to help Grace get to sleep, I did what my mom did when I was sick, and put a bucket and a towel beside my bed.
Then Grace called me in again, in tears and i asked if she was ok to which she answered me by throwing up on the towel on her bed (thanks mom) and then into the bucket.  This bout was I believe brought on by Grace just simply being worried about throwing up again.
So that's where I have been, cleaning up puke and doing laundry.  Everyone is back to normal thankfully and next time i will tell you the story of why I can't leave Leah alone in the bathroom anymore.

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