Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Typical Mommy Bag

I was searching in my bag today for a piece of gum.  A simple piece of gum.  I don't carry a purse, I don't even know if I even own a purse and I mean a cute little fashionable thing that hold a small amount of items such as a wallet, a cell phone, and some make up if you wear it.  I carry with me an old ugly black bag - my winter bag, my summer bag is a striped thing but both are roughly the same size - large.  They have to be, I don't have the luxury of being able to carry just what I need, no being a mom means you need to also carry what everyone else needs or might need as well. 
So, there I was sitting in my car, searching my black hole for a piece of gum and I realized I really need to clean this thing out - I apparently have been carrying with me for who knows how long: wipes and 1 diaper in a ziplock bag (why 1 diaper I have no idea), 3 smushed granola bars, a lose piece of granola bar, 2 board books, a wind up duck, a couple pens, a small deck of cards, hand sanitizer, a lone elastic, a watch, a first aid case, 1 pink mitten, a tube of Vaseline, a magnetic picture frame, some Kleenex (still in the wrapper) and a folded piece of blank paper.  This list doesn't include the important things such as my wallet, my sunglasses and the small mountain of gum wrappers, used tissues and crumbs.  No gum was found.  I realized I should start carrying more gum around with me and maybe clean out my Mary Poppins bag more often - who really needs 3 granola bars??

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