Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Happy Birthday Grace!

Today my oldest daughter Grace turns 5!  She's been waiting for this for months, years almost and this morning stated, "I'm 5, finally!!"  I'm very proud of my daughter and the type of person she is turning into - this funny, outgoing, super creative, smart, beautiful girl.  I was looking at some baby pictures of her this morning realizing that she has in a way always been how she is now.  It's weird isn't it, when you look at baby pictures of your children, you might not see it right away, partially due to lack of sleep, but their personality and their older kid face is right there.  I use to wonder what kind of kid Grace would turn out to be like, what would she look like when she was a baby and now it's so obvious, I wonder if I was ever looking hard enough for it.  Short post today, I have some baking to do for a little birthday girl who makes me smile, laugh and cry all the time!  My wish for her is to never, ever change - since she's amazingly perfect just the way she is!

Next, I will write about surviving a 5 year old's birthday party!

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