Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Need to Clean

I am starting to get the spring cleaning itch, the one where I just want open space...the exact opposite from the fall feeling where I just want to cacoon.  Now, I want windows open, sunlight, the house clear of stuff - puffy coats, fuzzy hats, mitts, boots and other things.  But I have a feeling this year it might be a bit harder to remove items from the house because everything is Grace's favourite toy or it's a treasure to her.  She has toys in her room that I could donate or put downstairs for Leah to play with when she gets older but I'm sure Grace would notice and then try to go looking for it.  Same thing when it comes to art stuff.  My five year old brings home stacks of paper from school every week.  Some of I am amazed that what is on the paper came from my daughter's head and I quickly date the work and save it.  Other pieces, eh not so much.  These are the pieces of paper where it is clear she didn't spend as much time on it as compared to some of the other things she has brought home.  But when I ask if we should save it or if I don't hide my tracks of when I try to recycle these papers, Grace declares it needs to be saved, it's important!  She is correct, it is important - sort of.  But on a scale of one to 10, those papers with a scribble on it are not as important as say a worksheet where my oldest has written a sentence.  So, I 'save' it (in the recycling bin).
But it's not just papers and art pieces that are stacking up in the house. It's not toys either, it's regular stuff that Grace claims are important such as the broken pieces of sticks that have fallen off the piggy bank she made last summer.  Can't get rid of those.  Shrivelled up balloons from her birthday.  Those have to stay, even though they just sit in the corner of her room.  Pictures taken from magazines...gotta keep them for whatever reason.  Rocks collected from the roadway, need to keep.  Old candy boxes should be kept because you just never know when a heart shape box might be needed.
The funny thing is I completely understand Grace's reasoning with wanting to keep stuff.  I'm not a hoarder or anything like that but I do keep the occasional toilet paper roll or Popsicle stick for craft purposes. 
You can't recycle those, you never know when you'll need to do a toilet paper roll or Popsicle stick craft.

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