Thursday, November 29, 2012

Mommy Zombie

Leah had a bad night last night.  She usually gets a full 12 hours of sleep, unless she is cold or like what I think happened last night is teething.  I think Leah is a silent teether- there are no other symptoms like a runny nose (what Grace had) or fever or some of the other gross things that many parents believe happen when their kid is getting in some new chompers.  My youngster's cheeks might get a bit more red but it's hard to tell when it's cold out.  So anyway, I think my baby is getting in some new teeth and it's hard to soothe her - she doesn't like Tempra, her front teeth are huge so she can't really fit anything where her molars so that she can chew the pain away or even numb it.  And it's hard on me too.  Not to whine, I have gotten use to my usual eight hours of sleep and last night I didn't really get that so now I'm zombie mommy.  It's hard to watch your child in pain, even harder when you can't really do anything, and harder than all that dealing with it when you are really tired.  I admit it, I was tempted to just let her cry, especially after waking up all cozy in my bed, but then for a second I wondered how I would like it and became a good mommy again and got up to try and soothe Leah.  This meant, trying to stay calm while she screamed and tried to climb up onto my shoulders.  The good thing about all this- well there are a couple- she will hopefully have a long nap today and possible a regular sleep tonight and the teeth that have been bugging her might appear soon.  Then all will be normal during the night and Leah will have a few new teeth to try out.  Anyone have any suggestions as to how to help my daughter when this happens again???

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