Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Hello everyone!
I thought that I would give a quick update as to what has been happening in our house since the last time I wrote ( and not since yesterday).  My oldest Grace is now in school and loves it.  I was very worried as to how she would take to being away from me the whole day but she had not problem, in fact her first day I had to ask her for a kiss goodbye before she wanted to run off.  Some days I still have to ask her for one but I guess kissing your mom (or dad) isn't what the cool kindergarteners do these days.  I was also worried how she would fair against those kids who have been in daycare and Grace's teachers tell me she is doing very well (yea!!).  For the first few months I had concerns, (if you don't know me or figure it out by previous posts I am a worry wart) on if she was making friends or fitting in and I did have a mini melt down over the amount of sand in her hair but I have since calmed down about all that (the sand issue is completely gone especially since it's hard to get sand in your hair in the winter).
My youngest daughter- Leah is almost a year!  She is the complete opposite of Grace meaning she gets into everything!  EVERYTHING!!  Mostly I think because she admires Grace so much that she might think she can do what Grace can do or because she just enjoys trying to play in the toilet, I'm not completely sure yet.  Leah is almost, thisclose to walking on her own but I am hoping that she waits until after Christmas so that she can't pull down the tree.
My family has survived a year living where we do, we love it and are very happy here.  Even though it's been a year, we are still surprised with the friendliness of our community and of course the beauty.  Although we should pick up some sort of winter sport to keep us occupied during the next six months or so of snow and cold.

Until next time....

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