Friday, November 30, 2012

Folding Memories

(here is the last column for The Weekender)

I was putting some laundry away the other day and had to put some of Leah’s shirts away.  Away, like in a box for storage because they don’t fit her anymore.  This wasn’t the first time I had to pack up Leah’s shirts but for some reason it made me a little emotional.  There was this one shirt, which was worn by Grace before and has “what’s not to love” written on the front.  I love this shirt, not my ultimate favourite of either of my daughter’s wardrobes but in the top 10 for sure.  I remember Grace wearing it and it just sort of fit her personality and in some ways it fit Leah’s personality as well. But now it doesn’t fit her and it is another reminder of how fast she is growing.  My youngest is no longer little, no longer that tiny delicate human always bundled up in blankets and sleeping but is now heading in the opposite direction- getting bigger, stronger and becoming her own person. 
Storing clothes never seemed to bother me when both Grace and Leah were newborns, and I guess it’s because I knew they wouldn’t be wearing the newborn or the zero to three month old clothes for long so I didn’t get too attached to them.  It didn’t bother me too much when I had to pack up the three to six month old outfits or the nine to12 month ones either.  For some reason the clothes for the older child really get to me.  Maybe it’s because by the time they fit into those size clothes you know your child more and you remember them wearing that particular outfit, such as the time I got really sad when it came time to pack up Grace’s ‘Cinderella’ shirt.  I bought her that shirt specifically because that was when she was in her ‘Cinderella’ phase and also at that time our family was going on a trip and she wore it on her first ever plane ride.  She loved that shirt and I tried to keep it clean so she could wear it as many times as possible.  Now it’s packed up in the size three box waiting for Leah to possibly love it in a couple of years.
Another time was when I packed up Grace’s ‘Jessie’ PJ’s, you know the ‘yodeling cow girl’ from ‘Toy Story’ (yes my family loves Disney).  They were her Christmas PJ’s and I searched everywhere for them because at that time Grace loved Jessie. 
I think a part of me is also a little sad when I pack up the clothes that Leah is wearing now or just growing out of because I am not sure if she might be the last one to wear them, at least in my family.  I am still on the fence over if Leah might be my last baby.  My husband Jim of course is all for having a boy, as is Grace but then again I am the one who has to carry and deliver that said boy or girl so I figure I kind of have final say.  Then again my husband and Grace and Leah for that matter will have to put up with me if I chose to have another child and I know I am not a good pregnant lady.  Heck I get emotional folding clothes.

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