Monday, January 14, 2013

Ahhh Maaaan!

Grace loves school - she couldn't wait to go back after Christmas (she wasn't the only one in the house either, but I won't name names).  I love that she enjoys school, I loved it when I was her age but then again who didn't love their kindergarten years?  But there is a downside.  Yea Grace is learning how to print, how to read, how to get along with others - yadda, yadda, yadda but she is also learning a new attitude.  It's almost as if Grace has started acting like a pre-pre-pre teen.  Her latest and I guess favourite saying so far is "Ah maaaan!"  You need to say it with an annoyed voice.  This reply normally comes after she has been asked to do something such as to get ready for dinner, to clean up her toys, to get dressed- pretty much anything that isn't fun or what she currently wants to do.  When Grace started her latest reply, I asked her where did she hear that response from,
"I don't know.  I can't remember."  I then asked who talks like that in school,
"I don't know.  I can't remember." I should say her convenient memory loss is also new.  (Grace remembered a few days later where she heard "ah maaaaaan" - from Dora, a show that she once watched at her grandparents.  This kid remembers every thing!)
 The "Ah maaaan!" isn't the only drawn out response, I also get "allllllright" or "oooh kay", (this also has to be said in a sad, annoyed voice).  My husband and I talked about if we should just start talking to Grace as she is talking to us to maybe speed past this latest phase-but  we haven't made up our minds yet. 
This isn't the first nor do I think the last some what annoying phase that my oldest will go through.  Some of Grace's phases were too much - insisting on being called Cinderella, only wanting to play Mickey and Minnie, informing my husband and I on everything she did and if it was ok (that was the last one).  During her phases I would wonder on how long will this last, how do I deal with this, what does this all mean?  But now, either because I finally have figured something about four year olds or I am getting a little busy with Leah, but I just go with it even sort of ignore her phases because I know it won't last long and then she will be on to something else.
Leah on the other hand is starting to talk, she can sort of say a few words or what sounds like actual words, hopefully when she really starts talking she doesn't say "Ah maaaaaan!"

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