Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Grace's Future Plans

My four year old daughter Grace has just informed of her future...she will be having four kids, a pair of 12 year olds - a boy and a girl named Mac and Olivia and then another pair of three year olds a boy and a girl named Caroline and Kayla (Caroline I assume will be the boy).  The oldest set of twins will be able to play a little bit longer while the youngest set eat dinner and then Grace will shoo the youngest - Caroline and Kayla out once they are finished and then Mac, Olivia and Grace will be able to eat.  Grace's husband, a boy in her class, will eat after everyone else and then clean up the kitchen.  The oldest kids will look after the youngest, Mac will look after Caroline while Olivia will look after Kayla.  My daughter will stay home and I assume look after her three year olds while the 12 year olds are in school and her husband will work outside of the house.  Grace told me they will live close to us so that we can visit and eat with her and her oldest kids.  She will also have a dog.
My husband and I asked her why she will marry this particular boy and Grace said "because I know his last name and he is nice to me most of the time."  I should mention this boy accidentally hit Grace in the face one day...when we brought that to her attention she replied "oh I don't mind." Ummmmmm, ok?  I calmly told my oldest that it's never ok to be hit.  I am trying not to freak out about her casual feelings about domestic violence and I will hold off before talking about those stats...at least until she is maybe five or six.

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