Saturday, January 19, 2013

What's the deal with toilet paper?

My 13 month old enjoys playing with toilet paper.  She loves to sit in front of the roll and pull some off and then rip that piece into a zillion little pieces.  She's quiet about it and I honestly don't mind.  Sure it makes a mess and it's a waste of toilet paper but if it keeps her out of playing in the toilet or getting into the garbage pail or playing with the toilet brush or plunger or trying to open the cupboard under the sink or trying to pull down the blinds or trying to break her fingers in the door or trying to pull up the floor register or trying to scare the crap out of me while I am trying to have a shower- then go for it!  Rip that soft white tissue until your heart is content, do it Leah, mommy really doesn't mind.
Now, saying that my four year old has suddenly found a new interest in playing with toilet paper.  She was never really into it when she was her younger sister's age, alright I found her once, maybe twice spinning it off the roll but that was about it.  Except for now.  Grace would rather play with it while doing her bathroom stuff which of course makes me nutty.  I've had to explain a number of times (sometimes in the same day) how you shouldn't be playing with toilet paper which makes me a hypocrite because I allow Leah to have a free for all with it (I do try to discipline her but like I listed before it keeps her out of trouble as I shave my legs).  I completely get why Grace is into it, it looks like fun and her sister is allowed to play with it and honestly who doesn't really want to play with it?  So instead of trying to fight it because Leah would win I have come up with a genius plan and no it doesn't mean a toilet paper ban in the house.  I have told Grace that one day we will play with toilet paper, we can go nuts with it.  She's agreed and hopefully this will put an end to the toilet paper war in the bathroom.  I wonder if Grace will forget about my genius idea......

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