Thursday, January 17, 2013

Change of Life

I was thinking today about how much my life has changed since I was 20.  I figure it's because I have started watching the show "Girls" (which is about four ladies in their 20's) and maybe because my birthday is coming up.  Remember being in your 20's? Or even life before kids?  Way back then my husband and I were just starting to date each other.  Our life consisted of working and then just having fun.  We usually would go out with friends or to the movies or go for long walks and talk about anything really.
Life now, as parents and urgh having to be responsible is very much different and yet the same.  We still work (my husband outside the house me inside) and we still have fun but with our daughter's interests in mind first.  Sure we hang out with friends - better if they have friends, we very rarely go to the movies now - can't really afford it nor can we stay awake past 10pm (besides my husband and I still have to finish watching 'Cool Hand Luke' which we started watching before Christmas.)  We still go on long walks- as long as the weather is ok and it's not during nap time or bedtime.  And we still talk about anything - as long as the girl's are in bed and actually now that I think about it 'anything' really means diapers (and what's in them), the girl's diets, the plots of Junie B Jones books, when Leah will walk, the weather but only for determining if hats and scarves are needed or if snow people creating will happen and of course when we will get around to watching the rest of 'Cool Hand Luke'.  Ahh how times have changed but I don't think I would ever want to be 20 again.

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