Friday, February 1, 2013

Scream like no one is listening

So I mentioned before how Leah has decided to start screaming as a way to get the family's attention.  I should mention that her scream isn't the typical loud noise - oh no, my daughter is able to hit a certain octave that' an ear piercing, glass shattering, Mariah Carey noise.  It' brings tears to your eyes and not in the "oh my goodness that's an amazing, beautiful sound".  It's annoying and it hurts, especially when she does it when you are holding her.  I get it's the only way she has figured out how to communicate.  I understand she does it because it's easy for her and she has figure out that it's a good way to get either my husband or my attention.  I get it but I don't like it.  Especially when she belts it out as dinner is being served and she's hungry and she just can't wait.  Or during dinner when instead of pointing, like I ask her to do, she goes as Opera style for her milk or more food.  I know this headache of a phase will pass and while I am tempted to put some ear plugs in, I know there will be a day when she will talk non-stop just to hear her own voice and I will miss when all she could do was babble and scream!

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