Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Leah goes Psycho

I now know how Janet Leigh must have felt during the shower scene in Psycho.  You know just relaxing having a shower and then - reek! reek! reek! Someone pulls the shower curtain back and well I don't want to ruin the scene for those who haven't seen it yet.  There I was this morning, trying to have a nice shower, getting myself ready for the day.  Normally I have a shower right after I work out, when my husband is home so that someone can watch the kids, well so that an adult can watch the kids since Grace claims she can watch Leah which of course means, 'I am in the same room with Leah- most of the time but I am not actually watching my sister especially if the TV is on'.  So, back to this morning, Grace and my husband had left the house and I wanted to take a shower, so I brought Leah into my room with some books and toys and found 'Clifford' on TV for her to watch thinking - my 14 month old daughter will actually sit down maybe look at some books or watch the big red dog on TV so that I can have a 10 minute shower.  She has never done this before, normally she getting into our nightstand drawers, taking the bookmark out of my book or turning off my alarm clock but today could be the day!  I'm not sure what I was drinking when I thought this but I should drink it again on the weekend after my girls go to bed.  So, I get into the shower and then I hear my bathroom door close.  I peek out and there is Leah in my bathroom - alright, so I guess she doesn't like the Godzilla like dog, no big deal.  I go back to my shower.  Then I hear Leah open the cupboard under the sink - hmmmm this could be trouble and I start to wonder if we (I mean me) should start putting everything behind plastic lock and key.  I hear Leah take stuff from the cupboard - half empty after shave lotion, half empty relaxing bubble bath, half empty mouthwash (I guess I should clean my cupboards more or just let Leah do it for me).  Then I hear nothing.  I don't worry, Leah is most likely playing with the toilet paper or trying to eat something, that kid eats everything that she finds on the floor and I mean everything - hair, lint, small stones (no stars yet though).
When I didn't hear anything like her pulling everything out from under the sink, spitting whatever she put in her mouth out after realizing that hair doesn't taste good,  the flutter of the toilet paper roll spinning as mountains of paper land on the floor, or even her ear bleeding scream I started to get a little worried.  I call out her name - nothing.  I didn't hear the door open, she can't even open doors -yet so she must be still in the bathroom.  I am just getting ready to turn around when - reek! reek! reek!  Leah grabs the shower curtain and pulls it toward her and giggles -sort of.  I'm telling you - Psycho! Well minus the cross dressing and gigantic knife and blood....but still the same thing.  Sort of.  Leah and Grace have done the whole pulling back the shower curtain thing before but in a more gentle way, you knew they were coming because you could see their tiny fingers gripping the curtain, they didn't just push it out of the way to scare the poop out of you.  Memo to mommy - get a clear shower curtain.

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