Monday, February 4, 2013

"But why does he have holes in his hands?"

I was reading some celebrity news the other day while Grace was finishing up her breakfast, yes I know - it's not real news, but one can only take so much about the economy, natural disasters, or sports before losing their minds.  Besides it is news - how else can you feel better about your choices unless you know what new trouble Lindsay Lohan has gotten herself into, or what petty fights the Real Housewives of Wherever are in, or how can you know if dreams do come true unless you know if Brangelina have finally gotten married (they haven't yet by the way).  So there I was sitting beside my oldest, catching up on the latest pictures of Kim Kardashian's baby bump as Grace slowly chewed her waffle when she asked " who's that man?"
I scroll the page up a bit and there is a picture of 'Jesus' and a story of how the History Channel will be airing a special on the Bible in March.
"That's a picture of Jesus when he was an adult" I said to Grace.  My oldest is aware of the man, well more about him as a baby because of this past Christmas.  She was kind of obsessed about it, but not compared to her obsession with Frosty the Snowman or Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer.  She knows the story of how Jesus was born.
"Why does he have long, curly hair?" Grace asked.
"Because that's how some people wore their hair back then."
"Oh.  Why does he have holes in his hands?"  she asked.
What?  And yes, there in his hand was a clear hole, obviously the picture was of the Resurrected Jesus.  I explained to my four year old, in a way I hoped would make sense to her, about how Jesus died and how on Easter he rose.  I figured she understood the story, how could she not, it's so easy to understand.  Grace took a few more bites of her waffle while I went on to read about Beyonce's lip synching scandal.
"But, why does he have holes in his hands!" Grace blurted out.
I tried not to laugh and explained again how Jesus was nailed to a cross, that he had nails in his hands and feet.
"That's not nice." was Grace's reply.
"No, it's not.  People don't do that anymore."
And that's how Grace learned about what happened when Baby Jesus grew up.

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