Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Put One Foot in Front Of the Other

It seems sometimes in life like it's a series of never ending questions and no I'm not talking about when your kid reaches that "why" stage and it really is a series of never ending questions.  But once you reach a certain age the questions are like - "when are you going to move out?",  "when are you going to buy a house?", "when are you going to get married?", "when are you going to have kids?".  I understand for some these questions may be in a different order.  Once you have kids the questions continue - after the kid is about a week old, then you are asked when are you going to have more kids then the questions are asked to the kids- "when are you going to crawl?", "when are you going to walk?", "when are you going to talk?", "when are you going to stop talking?", "when are you going to move out?"  Well you get the picture.
I am asked a lot about when Leah is going to walk (as if I know) and to be honest, I really don't want Leah to learn to walk - I do but really not right now.  Leah is an expert crawler, almost almost like a drone - speedy, silent and deadly.  Ok, maybe not deadly but she does cause a lot of damage.  Can you imagine what my daughter would be like if she was walking? It would be a disaster!  You do realize what happens after your kid learns to walk right?  They learn to climb, then run which is followed by jumping!  JUMPING!  My oldest, Grace can't stop jumping.  She jumps off the couches or onto couches.  Grace jumps instead of walks - she can't even stand still!  Why would I want two kangaroo's in my house - jumping off the walls and causing destruction every where?  No, it's a good think Leah can't walk yet although she did take a few steps on her own today.  I'm not sure how I feel about that and who taught her to do that as well. 

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