Sunday, February 10, 2013

I'm the boring one

My oldest daughter is growing up way to fast - she now wants to make her own breakfast in the morning and can actually do it, ok she can't use the toaster or stove on her own just yet but she does make one mean bowl of cereal.  She also wants to cut down on the amount of hugs and kisses she gets from me or my husband, the amount of time she wants to spend with us and she keeps insisting that she needs her own phone - in her own room.  The biggest thing, and the one I am not really enjoying is her being outspoken and completely honest, which alright can mean a lot of funny insights but it also means hurt feelings sometimes.  I was recently informed by my four year old that she does not like me because I am boring.  She likes her father because he is not boring.  My husband of course tells me not to worry about it, she doesn't mean it, it's not a competition- easy for him to say since he is liked by our daughter.  I'm not sure if I am hurt by being unliked or because I am boring.  I know I'm not the most outgoing person on the planet and compared to my husband I am not the most silliest either but I don't think I am that boring.  I like to do fun things. 
I'm happy that she comfortable enough and feels loved enough to be as honest as she is - pretty hard to tell someone that you don't like them and as hard it is to hear it, I would rather she be open like that then keep her feelings inside.  Maybe I am a little hurt because I feel a little unappreciated by her - besides the whole giving birth to her thing, most of the things my daughter enjoys or finds fun to do or watch is because of me (yes I am patting myself on my back).  I introduced her to all her favourite Disney Princess' because I watched them when I was a kid.  I introduced her some of her favourite books like Ramona Quimby because that was my favourite book to read when I was a kid.  I think of fun crafts to do or baking to do.  I hang fun stuff from her ceiling in her bedroom..  But I'm the boring one.  I'm sorry if I sound a little angry, it's hard for anyone when you think a lot about them, what they would enjoy to do and they tell you they don't like you because you are boring.  I know the time will come when she doesn't like her father because he is embarrassing or doesn't allow her to wear make-up or a certain outfit and I will be her favourite.  Then I can tell my husband, it doesn't matter - it's not a competition.

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