Thursday, February 7, 2013

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is coming up, yes I know what many of you are thinking, 'it should be every day that we share our love with each other', 'it's just a Hallmark holiday', blah blah blah.  I do sort of agree with you - sort of.  Sure we should make sure our loved ones know that we love them every day and show our appreciation and love for our friends and all that jazz but come on, isn't it nice to be included in this Hallmark holiday and to get that pound of chocolate before Easter, especially if you are going through chocolate withdrawals from Christmas like I am....I'm eating chocolate chips for goodness sake!!!
What was I talking about?...right Valentine's day, so I'm not completely opposed to it, a girls gotta eat chocolate right?  But I never realized how much work actually goes into it when you have young kids.  I think I've sent Valentine's from Grace before, she of course didn't sign them but this is her first year when she will be sending out those little cards to a gazillion other kids and filling in the 'to' and 'from' parts herself.  I thought about maybe writing out who the Valentine's are for to help my daughter out but then I figured - no, this will be a good learning experience for Grace, plus it might be frowned upon by her teachers.  So even though it would have taken me 20 minutes to do all her valentines, I sit back and let her pick which of her friend's get which Disney Princess card (I'm sure they will be a big hit to the boys in her class)  and continually tell my daughter that she needs to write smaller so that the full name can fit on the card itself.  Grace is actually doing good with the whole printing, but then again she only does about eight cards a day or so, but still - I'm proud of her penmanship- especially for a four year old.
  Question: who designs store bought Valentine's Day cards?  These things are so small, no adult could really print any name with more than three letters clearly on them.  I am convinced these tiny cards have been created by adults, or possibly elves who don't have any children, especially young school age children, because if they did they would make these cards the size of poster board in order to accommodate the child's printing, since they are still learning to print and are unaware that letters come in different sizes other than extra, extra large!  And yes, I did buy Valentine's Day cards instead of making them because I know Grace would make half a card and then get bored and I would be stuck making the gazillion cards for her friends.  Not that I would mind sharing the love, just as long as there is a heart shaped box of chocolates near by.

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