Thursday, December 6, 2012

eeeek Needles!

I hate needles, all types - well actually except sewing needles or knitting needles but those are different.  Those are good needles.  The ones I loathe are the ones that are painful, even for just a moment.  It took me until I had my first daughter to finally find a way to deal with getting pricked - to just exhale, look the other way, and to squeeze something.  This method of course doesn't work for children, especially those who just turned one. Can you figure out where I am going with all this needle talk??  Leah got her one year shots the other day and while I am all for vaccines I do hate those pesky needles.  I knew what was going to happen, I came prepared- packed the tempra, some extra goldfish crackers and even her new Grover remote (a birthday gift from Grace) but I still felt horrible for my little baby.  Everything was going great, she was enjoying her doctor's visit, playing with the paper covering the exam table or with her remote and smiling at the nurse.  But then I had to help hold her down while needle number one went into her leg.  Leah got upset but quickly calmed down.  Then came needle number two into her other leg.  That one was a bit more painful - mostly because I think she knew what was going one and really isn't any needle after the first one more painful?  I picked up my crying daughter and tried to soothe her before the last needle.  With my daughter in my arms, I sat down and tried to hold her while the nurse gave her the last needle in her arm.  And that was the one that hurt me, I know it's for her own good but it's still a horrible thing to watch your daughter in pain.  Thankfully, the nurse we had thought ahead a gave Leah her first cookie which made any pain she just went through a distant memory.  Now, I wonder how Grace is going to deal with getting her booster next year- she's actually looking forward it.  I wonder if I should be worried about that?

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