Friday, December 28, 2012

Post Christmas Reflection

So I am sitting here with Grace watching the movie 'Brave' for the millionth time, alright we haven't had that many viewings of it but we have watched the movie pretty much every day since Christmas.  It is fast becoming my oldest daughter's favourite movie.  I assume any day now Grace would insist on being called Merida (the lead female in the movie).  I'm getting off track.  Alright, so I am sitting here watching a movie with Grace and am thinking about this past Christmas - it was probably one of my favourite ones - so far.  I think mostly because Grace is old enough- she was really into the holiday and all that comes with it this year.  She enjoyed watching the classic holiday movies, learning the songs, baking cookies and making crafts.  Grace was really into Santa as well (is it wrong that I got a kick out of going along with Santa?  Even though we all know lying is wrong?)  On a side note, my husband wonders how long until Santa isn't front and centre for Grace at Christmas?  I think we have at least four more years - hopefully more than that though.
Leah still has a few years before reaching full Christmas fun age, but she was a lot more fun than she was last year, when she was only a few weeks old and pretty much slept the whole day.  But with all the fun and memories of my own childhood coming back to me - mostly from when we watch the Christmas shows, I think my favourite memory from this year is from Christmas morning and when we were opening gifts.  Grace was excited to have everyone open up the gifts from her that she wanted to hand them out first thing.  She was so proud with what she helped  pick out for myself, her father and her sister.  I felt proud that she was excited to give something instead of being excited to just receive.  I hope in the future it continues and having fun together as a family becomes the best part of Christmas, not just getting stuff.  I wonder if my hope will be a reality though, already this year Grace began the 'I want's' such as 'I want that, no I want that....'  I thought I had a few more years until the 'I want's' started.  They really came out in full force when she watched a certain TV channel aimed at kids ( cough - cough YTV) or when Grace got hold of the Sears Wish Book (which now has pretty much all the toys circled - expect any boys toys hmmmm).  I see the millions of dollars into advertising aimed at kids does work, it did on me when I was a kid and wanted all the toys that looked cool on TV.  They never seemed as cool if I got to play with them though.....

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