Thursday, December 13, 2012

This Christmas I really should.....

Every year when I think about Christmas I have these great ideas: I should knit or sew some new stockings, I should make a new advent calendar, I should have my husband build gingerbread houses out of wood and then the girls and I can paint them and keep them forever, I should bake all these cookies that I see in the magazines.  And then December comes and we celebrate Leah, who is the youngest' birthday and then before you know it it's 2 weeks before Christmas and I wonder what drugs was I on when I thought I would have all this time to do all these wonderful crafty things.
I do bake cookies every year - although this year I still have to bake gingerbread and few other types and hand them out before I fall into a diabetic coma.  I do knit the girls, my husband and myself some new socks every year - although I haven't gotten around to knitting my husband his socks, maybe after Christmas.
I have finished my shopping but I still have to wrap and I thought this year I would make the gift tags - I'm sure I will just write who they are to and from on the actual wrapping paper.
The house is decorated but my husband isn't interested in building gingerbread houses out of wood - doesn't matter I think that craft would have ended with an argument between my oldest daughter Grace and myself when I try to sway her not to paint the whole thing pink (yes I can be a control freak).
I see all these cool interesting craft ideas on magazine websites and 'Pinterest' and think, like many other moms out there I am sure, 'what a cool idea, I can totally do that, I should do that, that doesn't look very hard'  And maybe one day I will get around to knitting those Christmas stockings, or finishing up my scrapbooks that I am 3, no 4 years behind on, or making all the latest cookies from my ladies magazines.  And maybe one year I will be able to do all these things with my daughters and we will sing Christmas carols while drinking eggnog while the snow falls outside.  And maybe that will never happen and I think I am ok with that.  I should write that down somewhere- 'I am ok with not being that mom who does everything'.  Maybe I should put it in a fancy frame and hang it on my wall where I can remind myself.....

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