Monday, December 17, 2012

Should she stay or should she go?

On Friday, my daughter's school called me to come get Grace who had been complaining that her ear was bothering her.  It wasn't a surprise to me, Grace had complaining that her ear had been bothering her the day before but after some Tylenol everything was much better.  I had wondered that morning if Grace should even go to school but she insisted that she was fine and so here I was a few hours later coming to pick her up because she was now sick.  Or was she.  When I walked into the office to get her, she jumped off the chair and started to quickly tell me about her day and asked if she could eat her cookie that she had made in class (not really how she acts when she is sick.)  She did have a fever and spent the rest of the afternoon on the couch.  Grace was her old self on Saturday but then was back on the couch Sunday so when Monday rolled around I really questioned on if she should go to school.  Sure she's stuffed up but has no fever.  I asked how she was and Grace told me she felt better than yesterday.  I asked if she wanted to stay home and was quickly told "NO! I want to go to school!".  (I should be offended that she can't wait to get away from me, but I won't).  So what do I do- one part of me thinks she should stay home, even if she feels a bit better, so that she can completely get better but then the other part of me thinks she should go - especially since she wants to.  As an adult, if I'm not feeling well, I stay home until I am 100% better- one to get better that much quicker and two so that I don't get others sick (you're welcome).  But what do you do when it's your child who claims to be ok.  This is one part of being a parent that I don't like - when I don't know what to do and there is no answer.  I know she won't infect her whole class since most are home sick anyways and the others well I'm sure it was only a matter of time before they got sick too.

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