Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year!!!

The end of 2012 has arrived and I am thinking about how it went for my family.  This past year has been fun but low key – which after how crazy 2011 was for us (moving and having a new baby) that was just what we wanted.  There were a few big events – Leah turned one, Grace starting school and swallowing a star (not on the same day) but it was pretty boring.  I have been thinking about what my resolution for 2013 will be. I normally make resolutions every year – I think it’s a good way to improve yourself or your life, unless you don’t need improving.  I can’t remember what my resolution was for last year but over the years I have resolve to get fit (mostly when I was younger, it has now changed to stay healthy and love my body – I realize I will never have 6 pack abs unless I work them out for hours every day), to stress less, to enjoy each day, to stop controlling things that I can’t control and to avoid toxic / overly dramatic people.  I have stuck with some of the resolutions – most of the time.  Now that I am older, my outlook on life has changed, I try not to be too serious about it, I try to enjoy each day, to laugh each day, I try to be healthy – to move and eat right.  I think because of losing my mom at a young age, I want to enjoy my life – as much as I can because I know how quickly things can change, life can change.
So this year I resolve to continue some of my past resolutions such as to move at some point during the day and not just from the couch to the kitchen, to laugh and have fun with my children at least six times week and to be patient with them and to try and speak kindly to them first instead of using my grumpy voice with them.  This year I should try to stop eating my daughter’s leftovers.  I should try to watch something of substance when I exercise instead of just The Real Housewives series or re-runs of Newlyweds- Nick and Jessica, at least once a week, ok more like once a month.  I should try to read something of substance, a classic literary novel at least once this year.  I should go on dates with my husband more and by that actually leave the house.  I want to try to run (I should note that I have said this pretty much every year and I have never got into running, I love the idea of it but have no inner motivation).  I resolve to write more and to try to get published again somewhere.  I should put more effort into my writing and expand it.  I resolve to use something other than ‘Facebook’ all the time to get in touch with friends or family – anything like emails, snail mail or eeek even the telephone!  I resolve to cook a full meal using my cookbooks at least once a week.  I resolve to finish my scrapbooks that are seriously piling up in my closet.  I resolve to re-read my resolutions at some point throughout the year to remind myself of what I said I would change this year instead of trying to remember.  I resolve to not be hard on myself if any of my resolutions fail and will try it again next year, or the year after that, or the year after that.  I resolve next year to pick a simple resolution like my husband has instead of creating a shopping list.
Happy New Year Everyone!

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