Friday, December 14, 2012

Thoughts and Prayers

My husband called me this afternoon and asked if I had heard about the school shooting.  My first thought of course went to Grace's school but then I logged on to the computer and was a bit relieved when I read that this horrible, senseless, cowardly act had taken place in Connecticut.  My feeling of relief for my own child's safety was replaced by sadness - for all those parents who took their children to school this morning, thinking that they are safe, that they are learning, that at the end of the day they would be able to have a fun weekend, maybe preparing for Christmas, who knows and now many of them will never have that.  The dreams are over, their presents will always remain wrapped under the tree.  Their lives are forever changed because of one stupid, selfish man.  I thought of the children who will never grow up, who will never be adults, who will never have a full life, who will never be parents themselves.  I thought of the other children who survived this massacre - the ones who lost a friend, who witnessed this violence in a place where they are taught to be kind to each other, where they are suppose to be safe.
When I went to pick up my daughter from her school, I hugged her extra hard and I know she and her sister will be getting extra, triple, zillions of kisses - for all those children who are no longer with us.
I never intended this blog to have serious entries but this, hopefully, is an exception.  One that I hope I won't have to make again.  Violence against any child - regardless of age is never, ever ok.  My thoughts are with all those mommy's and daddy's who are beyond sad today.  I am so so sorry for your loss.

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